Karma’s a bitch…

by Couchtime on April 16, 2010

…even if she’s not very smart.

This week’s Amazing Race recap comes to you courtesy of Jill at http://couchtimewithjill.blogspot.com – hope you like it!
This week had another exciting episode of The Amazing Race, and again we saw teams swap spots, making me think there really isn’t a clear front runner this season. This is anybody’s race, and I like that.I think people will be pretty divided on this week’s results, either arguing for Team Beauty Queen or Team Lesbian. I’m somewhere in the middle.

Did dumb do them in?

This week, Brent and Caite were the downfall of the lesbians. We knew this was coming for weeks – Caite has been talking about the elimination of the lesbians with more glee than a new mom describing the first time her baby smiled. Only, you know, more vindictive. It wasn’t because Caite saw the lesbians as particularly threatening. Caite was simply holding a grudge against the lesbians, and Louie and Michael took advantage of that by convincing her that the lesbians were a threat.

There isn’t a lot of strategy that goes into running The Amazing Race, and I like that. I watch Survivor to see cunning, strategy and backstabbing. But this was a brilliant move on the part of the detectives. They’re an obvious threat, and by working Brent and Caite the way they did, they ensured that a team they found to be threatening would be u-turned and not themselves. It was smart.Caite will take a lot of heat for getting so psyched up to u-turn a team that actually wasn’t that threatening, and had yet to even win a leg. I get it. But I don’t hate Caite. I hate the U-turn.

To me, the U-turn and the non-elimination legs are the Hidden Immunity Idol of The Amazing Race. A facet of the game that’s meant to create suspense, but instead just rewards undeserving players and hurts the strong. Would Russell be so successful on Survivor if he’d played in a season that didn’t have hidden immunity idols? I doubt it. Would Joe and Heidi and the lesbians still be in the competition if they hadn’t be u-turned? It’s very likely, and it’s a little unfair.

I respect teams who get to the U-turn and don’t use it. They’re in the lead, so let the chips fall where they may. The only time I would use it, if I were on the race, would be if I were in second-last place and felt I had to U-turn the team behind me to avoid elimination.

So did the lesbians deserve to be eliminated? No, but I don’t think the cowboys exactly deserve to still be competing in the race, either. But just as a team can be saved by non-elimination, a team can be done in by another team for no other reason than a personal grudge. That’s the game.It’s a good lesson in “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” (something, if you’ve read this blog, I obviously don’t practice). The only clip we’ve seen on The Amazing Race that shows the lesbians being rude to Caite wasn’t even face-to-face. The brothers (who made fun of Caite on their own) told Caite that the lesbians had been mocking her. I’ve got to wonder if a little more went on behind the scenes, at pit stops and in airports. If not, that was one hell of a grudge held by Caite. But in a race where another team can U-turn you and cause your elimination, it pays to be nice.

Singapore Sling

This was a great episode for me because my favorite team catapulted to the front of the pack with the fast forward. Unlike the U-turn and the non-elimination leg, I actually like the fast forward. It takes skill. Teams have to decide if it’s prudent to go for it or not, and they have to complete the task – which is usually pretty difficult.

All the teams had to take a bus and a train to Singapore. On the bus, Caite rambled on as per usual about how she was “100% U-turning the lesbians”. “Because they’re lesbians?” asked Dan. Caite actually seemed a little surprised that someone would read into her statement like that. I actually don’t think Caite is U-turning the lesbians because of their sexual orientation. I just think she’s young, immature and sensitive about her Miss Teen USA public embarrassment and hates them for mocking her. She was also pretty psyched at the idea of being the last woman standing.

The lesbians tried to push through the other teams to get off the train first, but the other teams were having none of it. “Ladies get their way, bitches don’t,” one guy said. I mean, really Brandy and Carol? Did you really think all the other teams would be like “Oh go ahead, exit the train first, we’re not trying to win a million dollars or anything”? Come on. It didn’t matter anyway, because the lesbians screwed up the task enough that it didn’t matter when they got off the train. The teams had to find Amazing Race Asia host Allan Wu. While most of the teams were looking indoors, Dan and Jordan found him first and decided to go for the fast forward. It was a smart move.

Touch the Sky

Jordan and Dan headed to the fast forward, which Phil described as a “giant wheel of fortune” but I did not see Pat Sajak or Vanna White anywhere. It was actually a massive Ferris wheel, much like the London Eye.

Jordan and Dan had to ride the wheel up to the top, at 541 feet, then get out of their capsule and crawl to the next capsule. I’m not particularly scared of heights, but it did look really, really terrifying. At least bungee jumping happens quickly. Poor Jordan didn’t even know what the task was until he was up there. “I thought we were just going for a ride,” he said. Oh come on, Jordan. You’re an Amazing Race fan, you know better.

Jordan was terrified. His entire body was vibrating with fear as he crawled out onto the wheel. I was worried he wouldn’t be able to do it and they’d end up in last place. He kept telling himself “A million dollars. You’re in a race for a million dollars” as he made his way across the wheel, and it worked. He made it all the way across and summed up the experience with “I’m just surprised I didn’t pee myself”. Dan had an easier time with the task and described it as “amazing”.

The brothers made it to the pit stop well ahead of the other teams and arrived in first place, to deliver the funniest reaction to a first-place prize ever. They’d won a couple of motorbikes, Phil informed them. “There is no chance either of us would even step on that for a second,” Dan said. “Our mother would kill us,” Jordan added. Ha! Hilarious! Phil didn’t laugh, he clearly has never met a Jewish mom before. I bet the brothers will be able to sell their motorbikes to Michael and Louie.

The Beat Goes On

All the other teams had to choose between pounding the drums or pounding the pavement. In drums, they had to learn a drum routine from an adorable child and then correctly perform it on stage to get their next clue.

In pounding the pavement, teams had to set up an ice cream sandwich station and sell 25 classic Singapore ice cream sandwiches. This was disgusting. In singapore, ice cream sandwiches are not delicious treats made of ice cream wedged between two cookie-like slabs of chocolate. Their ice cream sandwiches consist of ice cream wedged between two wafers and then wrapped in bread. BREAD! Not even special bread, white slices of Wonderbread! If there was ever an appropriate time for Phil to use his favorite word, “literally”, it was in describing this. They are literally sandwiches made of ice cream. Gross.

Originally, all the teams opted for drum. It was a tough choice, because both tasks seemed questionable. If you’re not rhythmically inclined, learning a drum routine could be difficult. But selling stuff relies a lot on factors outside of your own control.

Michael and Louie bailed on the drumming quickly, after Michael declared he has no rhythm and can’t even dance. “I’m white as white can be,” he said. They were “off like a prom dress”. Ha! Good one. The humor was totally lost on the kid, though. They detectives headed for the fast forward only to find out Dan and Jordan were in the process of completing it. Time to sell some ice cream and bread!

Brent and Caite were doing pretty well at the drumming. The cowboys struggled, but kept at it, despite Cord declaring “Music is one of those things that doesn’t come natural for us.” Neither is grammar, apparently. Balancing a large flagpole on one’s chin is a much more useful natural ability anyway.

The lesbians bailed on their first kid, because apparently he was going to fast. He was so cute though! I got the feeling that neither Brandy or Carol particularly care for children.

Brent and Caite were first to complete the task, followed by Carol and Brandy and eventually Jet and Cord.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream (with bread)

Michael and Louie reprimanded their cab driver for abandoning the car while they were checking to see if they could do the fast forward, but it ended up being a blessing. They guilted him into agreeing to purchase an ice cream sandwich, and he bought ten!

Meanwhile, Brent and Caite arrived at the clue box first (because Dan and Jordan scooted past it) and U-turned Carol and Brandy. I thought Caite might actually throw up from excitement. When Carol and Brandy arrived and saw what Brent and Caite had done, they were furious. “She’s an idiot, she’s on YouTube to prove it,” snarled Brandy. True. “She U-turned us cause you’re prettier than she is,” Carol barked. Um, much less true. Then we were treated to a lovely video confessional where Brandy did an over-the-top Caite as Cruella Deville impression (no wonder her acting career has gone nowhere) and compared Brent to Forrest Gump. Gee, I wonder why Caite didn’t like them?

Carol and Brandy had to turn back and complete the ice cream challenge as the other teams headed to the road block.

After selling the remainer of their ice cream sandwiches to their cab driver, Michael and Louie were thrilled to see that Carol and Brandy had been U-turned. “We trained our little wolf cubs,” they chuckled. It was well-played. Had Carol and Brandy not been U-turned, it very well could have been lights-out for the detectives.

Chain Chain Chain, Chain of Fools

The road block seemed like it would be more difficult than it was. One team member had to count the links on a giant anchor chain. It doesn’t sound hard, but with all the background noise, random numbers being barked out of a loudspeaker, and the way the chain was coiled, I thought it would take more than one try for some teams to get the correct number.

Brent went first, and got it right away. He and Caite headed to the last location, the MegaZip, where they went on an amazing zip line ride. They ended up in second place – did anyone ever think Brent and Caite would be so successful this season? They’re in the top four, and they were the first team to complete the detour and roadblock this leg!

Brandy and Carol bickered for the entire ice cream challenge. “I refuse to be in the sun,” Brandy sniped to Carol. What are you doing on the race, Brandy? You don’t like heights. You don’t like dirt. You don’t like sunshine. You don’t like your own girlfriend. What do you like?

Jet and Cord finished the road block third, as the failed fast forward and selling of ice cream sandwiches had set the detectives back a bit. I was shocked, they actually took off their hats for the zip line. They don’t take their hats off for bungee jumping, but they do for a zip line? Anyway, they arrived at the mat in third place – not as strong as last week, but respectable nonetheless. It wasn’t their leg, as they told Phil, “The closest thing to a musical instrument that we play is the radio.”

Bertram van Munster, that old trickster, tried to make it seem like the detectives and the lesbians were in a race for last place but it was obvious the lesbians had no chance of catching up. Michael used his little clicky counter thingy (the official term for the thing used to track baseball pitches) and counted the correct number of chain links. They arrived at the mat in fourth place, and the lesbians were last.

Bitter is as bitter does

Not only did Carol and Brandy not have anything nice to say about Brent and Caite upon elimination, they didn’t have anything nice to say for each other either. I didn’t expect any sort of “no hard feelings” speech from them, but a few words on what it was like to run the race together would have been slightly redeeming. But no, they went out in true Brandy and Carol style – abrasive and self-involved.

Was it a stupid move for Brent and Caite to U-turn the lesbians? Maybe. It was certainly unnecessary. But plenty of teams have been eliminated in the same way, and at the end of the day Carol and Brandy were eliminated fair and square. Their poor sportsmanship far outshone Brent and Caite’s low IQ’s when it came to being unlikable.

Well guys, we’re down to a final four! Did I hear correctly, or are we not getting a new episode for another two weeks? That sucks. Who do you want to win, and who do you think will win? I’m rooting for the brothers, but I think the million bucks could go to anyone at this point. And were you on Team Beauty Queen, Team Lesbian, or Team I Hate Them Both?


Time to get caught up with The Amazing Race!

by BBBlogger on March 7, 2010

Episode 2

As always the teams were jockeying and trying to align with other teams (which in my opinion never ever works) but they still try. Usually it ends up with teams hating other teams.

As you all know the great bus shuffle caused a lot of stress. And our favorites, Jeff and Jordan were stuck missing all buses along with Brent Caite. As usual, very clever editing since they ended up being there in 5 and 6th place.

The detour is llama vs. condor. I think the llama one was the easier of the 2 but the condor thing would have been fun. Sing with me….FLY LIKE AN EAGLE…so it was entertaining to say the least.

The front of the pack was a lot of the stronger teams but the back of the pack had the usual amount of lost drivers, people who kept saying they had not seen any other teams lately, and people who cannot drive. I love the fact that the brothers (Dan & Jordan) had to push their car backwards instead of using reverse….too funny!

I am starting to really get impressed by the cowboys. Milk….straight from the cow! LOL I loved it when the cowboy said “This isn’t the first cow I have milked.” Good stuff. Bottom line….the cowboys made this task look easy.

Meanwhile, while all of this was happening, Grandma was just enjoying and soaking it all in. The cops were the second to get lost…and miss a sign. But ended up being ok since Grandma was moving a little too slow this leg and was the last team to arrive at the pit stop.

So after episode #2…the standings were…
1 – Jet and Cord (who each won a sailboat)
2 – Joe and Heidi
3 – Carol and Brandy
4 – Brent and Caite
5 – Monique and Shawne
6 – Jeff and Jordan
7 – Steve and Allie
8 – Dan and Jordan
9 – Louie and Michael
ELIMINATED 10 – Jody and Shannon

Then on to episode #3…

Episode #3

More buses and even a trip for Caite and Brent to the ER. After getting some rest and fluids they were lucky to have really not lost any ground in the race.

After a high stakes game of 5-card stud they all went to do some steer roping. Nothing like your favorite Goucho festival. The cowboys were able to rope the steer on the 2nd try (i am disapointed it took them 2 times) but others struggled with this task. Brent also did it on the 2nd time just like the cowboys but Shawne needed some divine intervention to get the roping task completed! :) It was fun watching that roadblock!

The race started to get on a few people….and emotions were starting to show early on.

Once at the detour. (Horse Sense or Horse Power) They even do polo or find buried treasure using an old compass. I think the polo one is the easier of the 2 but again…it would be fun to search for burried treasure! :)

The polo part of the challenge was difficult for the brothers. Having to go back a few times. I do like the fact that they did not give up and the third time was the charm! The moms just could not keep moving that horse and went to the Horse Sense challenge. The finished that one and ended up coming in last and being eliminated. So here are the standings after the 3rd leg…

So after episode #3…the standings were…
1 – Jet and Cord (who each won a trip via Travelocity)
2 – Steve and Allie
3 – Carol and Brandy
4 – Joe and Heidi
5 – Jeff and Jordan
6 – Dan and Jordan
7 – Brent and Caite
8 – Louie and Michael
ELIMINATED 9 – Monique and Shawne

So tonight it is on again…..down to 8 teams and lots of drama. The cowboys have surprised me as a strong team and Jeff and Jordan have dropped back to the middle of the pack.

So who do you like? Who is going to be the first in a race around the world.


They do not take Brazilian money in Chile

by BBBlogger on February 15, 2010

The cowboys are going to be giving us a wild ride. I am not really sure what made them think that converting their money to Brazilian currency would be ok to accept in Chile. Way too funny! Even with that keeping them from getting on one of the busses in Chile and late to the first Road Block….they ended the first leg strong in 2nd place.

Jeff and Jordan, who I am really hoping do well during the race ended up in first. I was impressed with Jordan doing the high wire and not letting other teams or nerves really stop her. I do think Jeff is going to need to keep her motivated to keep going and not give up. The Amazing Race is definately NOT Big Brother!

Over the years I know that people have missed so things but I do not remember seeing 2 penalties right off the bat. Lucky for both Brent and Kaite and Dan and Jordan it did not cost them much and might be a good reminder for them to keep their heads in the game and READ THE CLUES!

As far as teams that are rubbing me the wrong way…well….I just hope Brandy stops talking so much. LOL….she really was bugging me. Maybe I will change my opinion but after one episode…..she was on my last nerve. I think when she was done with the wires course, she was a little too much for me.

My favorite by far…the fact that Steve and Allie went into a house/apartment and painted a complete strangers house. Their RED matched! Too funny. I keep thinking about someone coming into my house and just painting away. TOO FUNNY! When Allie was asking the painter guy for a clue….he just stared at her blankly. It was funny.

Oh…and Louie and Michael painting over the graffiti. Nice guys…nice cops…but the color did not match. Way too funny. It was a great challenge in my book.

So we are going to cover all the happenings this season. Please comment and let the world know your favorite teams and why. We are a fan driven blog so please share your thoughts.

Also, we will be updating our blog a few times a week (hopefully) and the standings weekly so be sure to come back and visit often.

Enjoy the race everyone!

Peace, BBBlogger


Happy Valentine’s Day…let’s race!

by BBBlogger on February 14, 2010

Tonight is the night. 11 new teams set to race around the world. I am personally routing for Jeff and Jordan of Big Brother 11 fame. Should be fun to see how they fair on the race!

So…starting tomorrow…we will know the teams a little better and we will be able to give our initial opinions up.

So comment and let us know..who are you cheering for?

Peace, BBBlogger


The Amazing Race begins on Feb. 14, 2010

by BBBlogger on January 24, 2010

The Amazing Race is back for another race around the world.  I am personally going to do my best to keep this blog going this season.  I have always seem to let this blog slip however, this year I think that I will make this show the one I watch and blog about. 

Here is a YouTube video I found that introduces you to the new racers.  Please note that Jeff and Jordan from Big Brother 11 are a part of the race so for all my Big Brother Blog fans….this should tide ya over until July and BB12! :)


The Detour & You – Epi 2

by Mandee on October 4, 2009

If you were on The Amazing Race which one of the two choices at the Detour would you have chosen and why?

Child Play = Transport a concert animal around  a local park while collecting 5 balloons from vendors & deliver  to play area for next clue.

Word Play = From a hotel observation deck , scan crowded intersection below, spot 6 letters moving around, then they may go ask locals to help figure out Doc Lap , word of independence


Recap Epi – 2

by Mandee on October 4, 2009

A Fall Sunday night, means another leg of The Amazing Race! In a first, the pit stop moved while the teams were aboard it, Bassac 3 Riverboat. I didn’t hear how much money they got for this leg of the race but here is the order and times each team left the pit stop.

1 Gary & Matt 545am
2 Sam & Dan 555am
3 Globe 556am
4 Lance & Keri 557am
5 Zev & Justin 604am
6 Meg & Cheyne 610am
7 Maria & Tiffany 611am
8 Mika & Canaan 614am
9 Marcy & Ron 615am
10 Brian & Erika 629am

The teams had to travel to Ho Chi Minh City  and search for golden dragon water puppet theater. Once there they had to grab the clue from mouth. Which was not easy,you have to be quick! The clue was a bullet w/ stamp inside and nothing else. The teams needed to figure out they were looking for building on stamp Ho Chi Mihn city post office, for next clue. Almost everyone figured out quickly the clue but not Lance & Keri. They didn’t even see the stamp inside the bullet & even when they did, they were still confused.

Once the teams made it the post office clue, it was time for a Detour (a choice of 2 tasks) In this detour they could choose Child Play – @ a local park, the teams had to transport a concert animal around the park  while collecting 5 balloons from vendors. Once all balloons had been collected them teams had to deliver them to play area for next clue. The other choice, which only Marcy & Ron chose was Word Play – From a hotel observation deck ,they had to scan crowded intersection below. Once they spotted the 6 letters moving around below,  they could then go ask locals to help figure out  the word. Doc Lap , word of indepence, was what they needed to figure out.

The standing after the detour were:
1 – Trotters
2 – Meg & Cheyne
3 – Matt & Gary
4 – Sam & Dan
5 -  Brian & Erika
6 – poker
7 – Zev & Justin
8 – Lance & Keri
9 – Mika & Can
10 – Marcy & Ron

From the detour they headed off to the Road Block  at Dien Co 008 @ intersection Durong Vinh Vien & Durong Ly Thurong Kiet. In this Road Block (a task only 1 team member can complete) they had to take apart 2 VCRs and put the parts in the correct piles. Flight – Cheyne – Matt - Brian – Sam – Tiffany – Justin – Canaan – Lance (who used mostly his hands) – Ron represented for their teams.

 After the road block the standings were:
2 Cheyne
3 Matt
4 Sam
5 Brian
6 Tiffany
7 Canaan
8 Lance
9 Justin
10 Ron

The Pit Stop for this leg of the race was the Reunification Palace,were end of Vietitnam war happen after a tank crashed down gate. First place came down to a foot race between the Globetrotters and Meg & Cheyne, with Big & Flight just beating them. And the choosing the word play in the detour landed Marcy & Ron in last place.

Pit Stop Standings:
2 – Meg & Cheyne
3 – Gary & Matt
4 – Bri & Erika – team Zebra
5 – Sam & Dan
6 – poker
7 – mika & Canaan
8 – Zev & Justin
9 – Lance & Keri
10 – Marcy & Ron – Eliminated

What did you think of this leg of the race?


Ross interviews the first eliminated team…

by BBBlogger on September 29, 2009

Interview of the first team eliminated….

Peace,  BBBlogger

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Nicknames Yet?

by Mandee on September 29, 2009

Now that we have met the teams I think it is time for us to come up with some nicknames for the teams! I am thinking we already have the Globetrotters & the Poker girls … how about the other teams? Lets hear your ideas and maybe I will use them in my upcoming blogs!


Go Go Go!!!

by Mandee on September 28, 2009

Last night we had the 2 hour premiere of The Amazing Race on CBS and it didn’t let me down! The twist of one team being eliminated right away was wonderful, although I wish it would have been a few other teams than the yoga couple Eric & Lisa. Like Lance and Keri, who are living up to my expectation. But I was very proud of the way they handled it, I know I would have been pissed!

They really threw the teams right into the race with sending them to Tokyo. Not only a language difference but leading (and not losing any) a group of 20 thru the crowded streets of Tokyo. Not an easy task at all and had many teams lost and confused. Mika & Canaan and Maria & Tiffany both lost people. When Maria & Tiffany couldn’t find their missing people they got a 2 hour penalty.

So what did you all think of the teams, did they differ from what you thought? My thoughts on them are pretty much the same, Lance & Keri fighting, Ericka yelling & crying, Megan & Cheyne kicking butt. However, Garrett & Jessica sure let me down. I knew they were going to fight but I didn’t think they would have been out so early. I am really loving Zev and Justin! Not only are they both super funny, they are also really nice guys. Justin carried one of their people in Tokyo and Zev gave away his jacket in Vietnam. Zev “duck whisper with god like powers” was one of my favorite lines all night. I am also enjoying the humor the Globetrotters are bringing to this season.

One of the best moments that happen last night was one a guy recognized the poker girls, Maria & Tiffany as professional poker players. The girls had told everyone that they worked with homeless teens in LA. After they were outed the other teams were not happy and their opinion of the girls changed. I am glad it happen so quickly and they were not able to get away with it for long. But I am ok with the brother Sam & Dan not giving up the fact they are gay. It is funny to see the girls think they can use their womanly ways to manipulate them.

If the rest of the season is going to be this good as the first one, then this going to be such a good season and I don’t think it is going to let us down! We would love to hear your thoughts about the first episode, so leave us a comment below!