Survivor 31: And another winner has been selected…

Hi, everyone!

First off, if you have not seen the finale of Survivor, don’t read this because I will be revealing the final three and the winner!

Okay, if you’re still here, then you’re probably still processing the finale of the 31st season of Survivor.  I can’t say that I’m surprised by who won Survivor.  Around the time of the merge, I started to get the feeling that Jeremy would ultimately be the winner.  Just the way the was being edited seemed to indicate that Jeremy was going to, at the very least. be in the final three.  I also figured that Spencer would be there, just because of all the screen time that was devoted to him talking about how this was his second chance.  I was a little less sure about whether or not Tasha would be there but I had a feeling she would, just because she wasn’t a big enough threat for anyone to have any reason to go after her.

(Don’t get me wrong, I think that Tasha played a good game and I wouldn’t have minded if she had won.  But she was definitely more low key than either Jeremy, Spencer, or Wentworth.)

Once the jury questions started, I got the feeling that Jeremy would not only win but probably win big as well.  The fact that nobody asked Tasha was a pretty good indication that nobody was planning on voting for her.  As for Spencer, I think he would have been stronger if he hadn’t attempted to threaten Jeremy during the last tribal council.  Not only was it unnecessary and (as Savage put it) “arrogant,” but it also revealed that Spencer felt that he could easily sway the jury to vote however he wanted them to.  I imagine some members of the jury took that personally.

I was a little surprised that Kimmi voted for Jeremy.  I really like Jeremy and I’m glad he won but I thought he went overboard with his anger towards Kimmi.  I can understand why he was upset and I imagine a lot of his behavior had to do with being stuck on that beach for 30+ days but, at the same time, the skipping and the taunting was … well, it wasn’t Jeremy at his best.  It felt almost as annoying as Ciera and Wentworth’s constant eye rolling.

But, in the end, Kimmi did vote for Jeremy.  The entire jury voted for Jeremy and I don’t blame them.  It was a good season and I think Jeremy was a good winner.

Before I wrap this up, I do have to take a moment to say how much I loved the night’s first tribal council.  Wentworth played her idol.  Jeremy played her idol.  Not a single vote counted.  The revote was a tie.  And, in the end, Keith nearly gave up his game for Kimmi.  It was Survivor at its best!

I hope everyone enjoyed this season.  I certainly did enjoy writing about it and I look forward to writing about the next season of Survivor.  Keep an eye on this site for updates or, if you have any questions about our coverage of Survivor, The Amazing Race, or Big Brother, feel free to email me at  Or, you can always track me down on twitter or on facebook!

Thank you so much for reading!  I wish all of you a happy holiday season!

Lisa Marie

The Amazing Race 27: And the winner is…

Well, another season of The Amazing Race is in the books!

And what can I say?  This was a pretty good season.  There were some teams that I loved and some that I couldn’t stand.  I was upset that Team TMZ fell apart during the first leg.  I felt terrible as my three favorite teams — the Dancers, the Texans, and the Cheerleaders — were each eliminated.  I nearly ripped my hair out with frustration as one of my least favorite teams of all time — Logan and Chris — somehow made it to the final three.  It was an emotional season for and that’s the way it should be.

Anyway, if you’ve seen the episode, you know who won.  If you haven’t seen the episode, stop reading and watch it because I don’t want to spoil it for you.

Okay, are you ready?

For the final leg of the Amazing Race, the final three teams returned to America.  They raced through New York.  They  fought with rude taxi drivers.  They helped fisherman bring in lobsters.  They put together beach chairs.  They strung up the flags of all the countries they visited.  Mistakes were made, arguments were heard, and finally, one team won.

And who won?

Joey and Kelsey!  After setting a record for second place finishes and never once coming in first during any previous leg, Joey and Kelsey won the leg that counted.   From the minute they arrived in New York, they were focused on winning.  They worked well together, they had terrific luck, and it all worked out for them.  Throughout this season, I’ve complained about how boring Joey and Kelsey were.  In a season full of big personalities, they often threatened to disappear into the background.  But, in the end, the fact that they were so boring worked to their advantage.

Justin and Diana, who dominated the entire race, came in second because Justin managed to offend their taxi driver.  Justin — who, I should add, I’ve grown to like — has been outspoken and brash during the entire race.  And his personality finally rubbed the wrong person the wrong way.  The driver abandoned Justin and Diana, giving Joey and Kelsey just enough of a time advantage to eventually reach the finish line first.

As for Logan and Chris, they came in third and hopefully, we will never have to see them again.  Logan and Chris spent the final leg of the race yelling at each other.  When they should have been working together, they were personally attacking each other.  When they finally did reach the finish line, Phil even asked them why they were still together.  Chris said that maybe they shouldn’t be together and amazingly enough, Logan did not seem to hear him.

It broke my heart a little to see Justin and Diana crying at the end.  They ran a really strong race and they should be proud of how much they did accomplish.  I know that a lot of people didn’t like Justin.  Up until about four episodes ago, I wasn’t even sure that I liked Justin.  But, the thing is, he won me over.

And besides, Justin shouldn’t be so sad.  We all know that he’s probably going to be invited back for the next All-Stars edition!

Well, that’s it for season 27!  Thank you for everyone who has followed along with my little updates and I will definitely be blogging about season 28!

And, of course, in just a few more days, it’ll be the finale of Survivor!  I’ve had a lot of fun blogging about these two shows but I do have to admit that I’m looking forward to getting some rest.  Basically, ever since the start of Big Brother back in June, I have been blogging about one show or another!  So, after next week’s Survivor post, I will be getting a little bit of rest in between installments of my favorite reality shows.

But don’t worry — I’ll be back for the next seasons of Big Brother, Survivor, and The Amazing Race.  And I hope y’all will be back too.

See you next week!

Lisa Marie


Survivor 31: Bye, Abi-Maria…

Hi everyone!

Well, tonight was a pretty straight-forward episode of Survivor.  In fact, for this season, it was unusually straight forward.  Abi-Maria has spent the past 30-something days getting on everyone’s nerves.  Abi-Maria has consistently shown herself to be an unreliable ally and everyone knows better than to count on her vote.  The only reason to keep her around was that everyone felt that they could beat her but, apparently, that wasn’t as important a factor as I assumed it would be.

Yes, Abi-Maria was voted out tonight.  And really, it wasn’t a moment too soon.  When this season started, it was kind of fun to try to figure out what Abi would do next.  She was an agent of chaos who forced everyone else to do crazy things just to try to keep her happy.  But, as the season continued, Abi-Maria quickly became less amusing and soon, she was just tedious.  By the time they reached the merge, whatever entertainment value Abi once had was gone.

And so, finally, tonight, Abi was voted out.  Keith and Wentworth thought they had the votes to get rid of Tasha but they greatly misjudged.  Abi may have told them that she was going to vote out Tasha but instead, she decided to vote with Jeremy, Tasha, Kimmi, and Spencer.  They told her that they were voting out Keith but then they all voted for Abi.  The final vote: 4 for Abi, 2 for Tasha, and 1 for Keith.  Bye bye, Abi.

As I said, this was a pretty straight forward episode of Survivor but, even so, there are still a few things that are unclear.  For instance, it appears that the All-Girl’s Alliance was abandoned just as quickly as it was formed.  Also, why did Kimmi vote with Jeremy, Spencer, and Tasha?  I would have liked to have seen what led to Kimmi joining them as opposed to Wentworth and Keith.

But anyway, the important thing is that Abi-Maria is gone.  And yes, I’m sure that Spencer will claim that this is all part of some grand strategic scheme.  But, for the most part, I get the feeling that everyone just got annoyed with her.  They looked at her and her personality and her behavior and they realized that there was no reason why they should still be dealing with her.

There are 6 left: Kelley Wentworth, Keith, Kimmi, Jeremy, Tasha, and Spencer.  And next week, one of them will be a million dollars richer.  As of right now, I’m rooting for Jeremy!

See you next week for the finale,

Lisa Marie

The Amazing Race 27: Really?


Logan and Chris are in the final three?

Seriously, think about that for a minute.  Think about all the strong teams that ran this season and who, for whatever reason, did not make it to the final three.  For that matter, think about some of the weaker teams that did not make it.  The one thing that they all have in common is that I would rather see any of them in the finale other than Logan and Chris.

Considering our final three, I’m rooting for Justin and Diana and that’s not necessarily by default.  When this season started, I couldn’t stand Justin.  I thought he was loud and obnoxious and way too cocky.  But, as the season progressed, Justin started to win me over.  I saw that a lot of his behavior was really strategy.  He annoyed other teams to such an extent that they made stupid mistakes.  Despite having a few fights, he and Diana worked well together.  And Justin and Diana have consistently refused to use the U-turn.  Do I think that Justin needs to calm down a little?  Well, yes.  But then again, he and Diana have been the team to beat for most of this season.

Of course, tonight, he and Diana had their worst leg of the race.  They got stuck with one of those dreaded clueless taxi drivers.  They took the wrong ferry and incurred a 55 minute penalty.  When they arrived at the mat, they were in third place and, as they sat out the penalty, I know that I thought they were done for.  Krista and Tiffany finally finished the roadblock and were on their way to the pit stop and the show’s editors really deserve a lot of credit for tonight’s episode.  They kept us guessing.

But, after spending 55 minutes sitting over to the side, Justin and Diana were finally allowed to check in.  Literally a minute later, Tiffany and Krista came running up.

I’m sorry to see Tiffany and Krista eliminated.  My sister Erin and I have occasionally joked about trying out for the Amazing Race and I think that we would be a lot like the cheerleaders: supportive, a lot stronger than others might realize, and determined to never give up.

My ideal final three would have been:

  1. Tanner and Josh
  2. Krista and Tiffany
  3. Justin and Diana

Only one of those teams is left in the race.

So, anyway, here is your final three:

Coming in first at the pit stop, it’s Logan and Chris, a.k.a. Team Meltdown.  I never would have thought that Logan and Chris would make it this far.  As much as I want to dismiss them, I’ve been doing that for the entire race and now, they’re in the final three.

Coming in second, Kelsey and Joey, a.k.a. Team Boring.  They’re a strong team but, if they come in first, they will be two of the most forgettable winners in race history.

And finally, Justin and Diana!  Love them or hate them, they have pretty much dominated this season.  Despite all of the trouble they had during the last leg, I still think they’re the team to beat.

We’ll find out next week!

Lisa Marie

Survivor 31: ARGHHHHH!

Well, that was frustrating!

If you watched tonight’s episode of Survivor (and if you haven’t, this is obviously a huge SPOILER), you saw that Joe was finally voted out.  Before being sent to the jury, Joe got to spend the day bonding with his father and that was incredibly sweet.  Unfortunately, Joe ended up fainting during the immunity challenge and, as soon as Joe didn’t have protection, he was the obvious target.  He tried to convince Jeremy, Spencer, and Tasha to join him in voting out Abi-Maria but it didn’t work.  Joe was too big a threat.  Tasha joined up with the girls to vote out Joe and hence, Joe was sent to the jury.

“Cut your hair,” Abi-Maria hissed while voting for him, “you look like a clown.”

Excuse me?  Seriously, Abi is the last person who should be talking to anyone about their looks.  She’s got a face like a terrier.

I have such mixed feelings about what happened tonight.  It would have been foolish not to vote out Joe.  If Joe made it to the end, he would have been unbeatable.  If I had been at the trial council, I would have been tempted to vote for him as well.  Strategically, Joe is the obvious choice…

But as a viewer, it’s upsetting.  Not only did Joe seem to be a genuinely nice person but he was the hottest person on the beach.  Seriously, if you were stranded on a beach, who would you rather be stuck with?  Joe or whiny little Spencer?

So, with Joe gone, here is who we have left:

We’ve got Kelley Wentworth, who has an immunity idol and who has mostly survived through pure luck.  Tonight, she entered into an all-girls alliance with Kimmi, Tasha, and Abi-Maria.  Wentworth’s excessive eye-rolling and overly dramatic facial expressions would make her the most annoying person left in the game, except for the fact that Abi-Maria is still on the show.

Yes, Abi-Maria.  Hopefully, this will be the last season to ever feature Abi-Maria.  Sadly, I get the feeling that Joe was right.  Everyone is going to want to take Abi to the end because they know they’ll probably be able to beat her.

And then there’s Kimmi.  I still don’t know a thing about Kimmi.  Why is she even on the show?  Who voted for her to return?  Tonight, she woke up long enough to form an all-girl’s alliance.  Other than that, what has Kimmi done this season?

Meanwhile, we have Tasha.  I can’t blame Tasha for voting out Joe.  It was probably a smart move on her part.  I do like Tasha and I wouldn’t mind seeing her win.  While she hasn’t exactly been a power player, she’s still managed to do more than Kimmi.  And she’s not as annoying as Wentworth or Abi-Maria.

I like Jeremy, as well.  Jeremy’s in a good spot because he has an immunity idol. But he needs to stop throwing a fit every time he loses a competition.  It’s getting old.  If Jeremy can survive, I think he’ll have a good chance to win.  But, he’s going to have to get Tasha to break away from the all-girls alliance.

And then there’s Keith.  I always tend to forget about Keith but you know what?  He’s actually really strong in competitions.  I can’t really think of any big strategic moves that Keith has made.  He’s flying under the radar.  Sometimes that’s a good strategy but I can imagine everyone in the jury asking Keith to name one thing that he’s actually done in the game.

And finally, we have Spencer.  Listening to Spencer brag about finally being able to show emotion is growing even more tedious that listening to Ciera talk about voting out her mother on Blood vs. Water.

So, that’s what we’ve got left.  Out of that group, I guess I’d have to hope for a final three of Tasha, Jeremy, and Keith.   Out of that three, I’d probably vote for Jeremy to win.

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

The Amazing Race 27: And then there were four…

Hi everyone!

Well, there’s not a lot to say about tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race.  It was pretty much more of the same.  All of the teams are still in India.  Justin and Diana came in first again.  Kelsey and Joey were second, once again.  We even had yet another U-turn.  After what Kelsey and Joey pulled during the last leg, it would have been poetic justice for them to get U-turned but instead, Justin and Diana decided to U-turn Logan and Chris.

Not that it made much difference.  Even after being u-turned, Team Annoying (as I’ve come to call Logan and Chris) managed to survive.  If they hadn’t been U-turned, they would have been third.  Since they were u-turned, they came in fourth.  But, in the end, Denise and James Earl were the ones who came in last and they were eliminated.

And, to be honest, I think it probably was time for Denise and James Earl to go home.  I think they did the best that they could and actually they did surprisingly well.  I was happy to see that, during the two or three legs, James Earl actually stopped giving his mom a hard time and they started to work well together.  The experience helped their relationship and that’s a good thing but, at the same time, neither one of them was ever a threat to make it to the final leg.

Probably the most significant thing about tonight’s leg of the race is that we are now down to four teams.  There are only two more legs of the race left.  Next week will see the teams going to China for Leg 11 and then Leg 12 will take them to Long Island, where someone will win the Amazing Race.

Here are the four final teams:

Coming in first at the pit stop, Justin and Diana.  Justin and Diana have won me over.  They’ve run a good race and, other than some fighting during the halfway mark, they’ve worked well together as a team.  Yes, Justin is loud and cocky but Diana seems to be a genuinely nice person and, oddly enough, I’m actually starting to find myself cheering for them to win.  They are Team Front Runner.

Coming in second, Kelsey and Joey.  Or as I like to call them Team Boring.  They’re a strong team but they’re also a bland team.  And yes, I’m still mad at them for u-turning Tanner and Josh.

Coming in third, Tiffany and Krista!  Team Cheerleader always seems to have the work luck but somehow, they always manage to survive.  If they come from behind to win the race, it will be a surprise but it will also be a great story.

Coming in fourth, Logan and Chris!  Team Annoying!  Shut up, Chris!  And, for that matter, Logan can shut up as well.  Wait — which one is Chris and which one is Logan?  Well, it doesn’t matter.  Team Whiny needs to go.

Who, out of these four teams, will win the Amazing Race?  We will know in exactly two weeks!

Lisa Marie


Survivor 31: Two Hours For Which To Be Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

Well, I’ve been hanging out with my sisters, my cousins, my niece, my nephew, my aunts, and my uncles tonight and I have been thinking about for what I am thankful.  And I’m thankful for many things.

Such as, I’m thankful that tonight’s two hour episode of Survivors (actually it was two episodes edited into one epic) were both wonderful and featured everything that I love about this show.  If only one of the episodes had been shown tonight, it would have been great but, thankfully, CBS gave us two wonderful hours to enjoy!

At the end of the first hour, Ciera was blind-sided.  Despite managing to get almost everyone on board with voting out Stephen Fischbach, Ciera was still sent to the jury.  What happened?  Jeremy realized that Stephen was more trustworthy than Ciera and he played his idol for Stephen.  As a result, all of the votes for Fischbach were thrown out.  Ciera received three votes — from Jeremy, Kimmi, and Fischbach — and that was enough to send her to the jury.

What’s funny is that, right before tribal council started, I was thinking that maybe I had been a bit unfair to Ciera over the past few weeks.  It’s not secret that I don’t like Ciera and I found her eye-rolling to be annoying.  But, as I watched tonight’s episode, I started to feel that Ciera actually was a better player than I had given her credit for.  And, just as I resolved to set my dislike of Ciera aside and try to judge her game fairly, she was voted out.

As for the rest of the first hour, the highlights were definitely Stephen nearly dying in the rain and the immunity challenge.  Anyone who gives Joe a hard time for playing for immunity is insane.  Joe knew that, if he didn’t have immunity, he would have been voted out.  Joe did what he had to do and more power to him.  As for Stephen, I was actually really worried about him.  You could tell he was really suffering and Abi-Maria’s comments about his condition only served to remind me why nobody has ever liked Abi-Maria.

Stephen Fischbach nearly got voted out at the end of the first hour and it was only Jeremy’s idol that saved him.  He started the second hour looking a lot healthier and feeling a lot more confident.  So, of course, he ended up getting voted out at the end of the episode.

And, to be honest, I really had no idea who was going to be voted out at the end of that second tribal council.  I was hoping that it would be Abi-Maria but the tribe decided that Stephen was the biggest threat.  Were they right?  Maybe.  Stephen is definitely a better player than Abi-Maria but Abi-Maria is so erratic that I wouldn’t feel comfortable having her around.

What’s truly amazing is that, after all the time that everyone spent talking about how Joe had to go, he only received two votes at tribal council.  Since I like Joe, I was happy about that.

For the record, here’s who voted for who.  I have to admit that I had a hard time keeping track of all the strategizing and who was lying to who.  I don’t know if the episode was just confusing or if it was just because I was hanging out with family.  But, according to Wikipedia, here is how everyone voted:

Abi Maria voted for Stephen.

Jeremy voted for Joe.

Stephen voted for Abi-Maria.  Then he used his secret power to take Joe’s vote and, rather spitefully, he cast that vote for Joe.

Keith voted for Stephen.

Wentworth voted for Stephen.

Kimmi voted for Abi-Maria.

Spencer voted for Stephen.

Tasha for voted for Abi-Maria.

The final vote was 4 for Stephen, 3 for Abi-Maria, and 2 for Joe.  If Stephen had cast both of his votes for Joe, it would have been a three-way tie.  But, because Stephen had to get cutesy and make things complicated, he ended up going to the jury.  Spencer deserves the majority of the credit for Stephen’s eviction though, in many ways, Stephen was his own worst enemy.

The other big development: Wentworth found the immunity idol.  If I liked Wentworth, I’d be more excited about it.

Lisa Marie

The Amazing Race 27: Bye bye to my favorites

Hi, everyone.

Well, what a sad night.

One of the unfortunate things about reality TV is that sometimes, your favorites don’t win.  Sometimes, they get blind-sided a tribal council.  Sometimes, they get involved with the wrong alliance and they end up getting voted out of the house.  Sometimes, the dress doesn’t look as good on the model as they thought it would and Heidi Klum says, “You’re auf.”

And sometimes, no matter how you personally like a team of racers, they end up as the last ones to arrive at the pit stop and Phil tells them that they have been eliminated from the race.

Tonight, when Tanner and Josh were the last ones to the mat, there was a part of me that was so hoping Phil would say that they were doing two non-elimination legs in a row.  Tanner and Josh have been my favorites from the start and I’ll admit right now that a lot of that has to do with the fact that they’re not only from my home state but my home city as well.

But it was not to be.  Tanner and Josh were eliminated and, as sad as I was to see them go, I can’t complain.  That’s the way the game is played.  If you’re the last one to arrive, you’re eliminated.  Sometimes, your favorite team gets eliminated and its upsetting.  But that’s the way it goes.

And really, that’s one reason why I love the Amazing Race.  On Big Brother, you’re never quite sure if the game is actually fair.  You know that the producers have their favorites and you’re always wondering whether the game’s been fixed to keep those favorites around for as long as possible.  The same could be said of Project Runway, in which the judges always seem to have their favorite designers who they allow to get away with things that would get other designers eliminated.

But on the Amazing Race, it’s all pretty simple.  The challenges are the same for everyone.  The non-elimination legs are determined before the race even begins.  If you’re the last person to check in, there’s a very good chance that you’re going to be eliminated.

So, I’m sad to see Tanner and Josh go but I am glad that they got to experience the Race and I’m glad that they had a few good legs.  Unfortunately, they got hit by some bad luck but they never gave up and, even when they were in the back of the pack, they were still a strong team.

Tonight, we saw the racers go to India.  The India episodes are always my favorites of the season because racing in India almost always seems to either bring out the best or the worst of the two teams.  Here’s how everyone did tonight:

Coming in first, Justin and Diana.  Justin and Diana are starting to look unbeatable but then again, Brendan and Rachel often looked unbeatable during their two seasons as well.  Over the past few episodes, I’ve been pretty critical of Justin but I’m starting to change my mind.  Yes, he’s obnoxious and there are times when he needs to calm down.  But he and Diana are a strong team and they’ve earned their first place finishes.  As well, I respect them for choosing not to use the U-turn.  Justin may be loud and he may be cocky but he’s not a bully.

Coming in second, Joey and Kelsey.  Whatever respect that I once had for Kelsey and Joey, I lost tonight.  At that point, Joey and Kelsey were far enough ahead that there was no reason to U-turn anyone.  U-turning Tanner and Josh felt petty and vindictive.  Joey’s excuse was that they had to make sure Tanner and Josh wouldn’t get ahead of them but, seeing as how Joey and Kelsey were already heading to the pit stop, his reasoning doesn’t stand up to logic.  If he was determined to make sure that he and Kelsey were the second ones to reach the pit stop, it would have been smarter to U-turn Logan and Chris.  U-turning Tanner and Josh was just adding insult to injury.  So, anyway, I now have zero respect for either Joey or Kelsey and here’s hoping they get eliminated next.

Coming in third, Logan and Chris.  BLEH!  WHY IS THIS USELESS TEAM STILL IN THE RACE!?  Apparently, next week, they will have another meltdown.  Oh joy.

Coming in fourth, Tiffany and Krista.  With Josh and Tanner gone, Tiffany and Krista are now my favorite team.  I’m a little bit worried because Tiffany and Krista always seem to have the worst luck so here’s hoping they come on strong for the last few legs.

Coming in fifth, Denise and James Earl.  James Earl finally said something nice to his mom during tonight’s episode.  That’s progress.

Coming in sixth and getting eliminated, Tanner and Josh.  Hopefully, they’ll be back for the next All-Stars edition.

Here’s hoping,

Lisa Marie

Survivor 31: New Alliances Emerge

Hi everyone!

Forgive me but this is going to be a short update.  I sprained my foot last weekend and I’m supposed to be resting.  However, even a sprain couldn’t keep me from posting the latest details about who got voted out on Survivor!

After last week’s episode, I was really hoping that tonight’s episode would see the remaining Survivors bonding together and voting out Wentworth, Ciera, and Abi-Maria.  To be honest, I mostly just wanted to see Ciera voted out because she just annoys me to death.  Wentworth is a decent enough player and Abi-Maria is good because every season needs a buffoonish villain but Ciera is just … bleh!  Obviously, somebody once told her that it was cute to end every sentence with a question mark and she’s been doing it ever since.

But, Ciera, Wentworth, and Abi-Maria survived.  And, in fact, it’s now debatable whether or not they’re even at the bottom of the tribe even more.  (But don’t tell Ciera becuse she sure does love to do that whole, “We’re at the bottom and I just want people to start plaaaaaaayingggggg….” routine.)  Tonight, after Joe won immunity for the third time in a row, two new alliances emerged.  Stephen Fishbach, realizing that it was time to make a big move, teamed up with Wentworth, Ciera, and Abi-Maria.  (“The witches,” Stephen calls them.  That rhymes with what I call them.)  He then managed to bring Jeremy and Spencer into his new alliance.  The 6 of them teamed up and voted out Kelly Wigglesworth.  And I have to say that Wigglesworth looked even angrier than Andrew Savage did last week.

So, the new alliances break down as follows:

The Stephen Fishbach Experience: Stephen, Spencer, Jeremy, and the three witches (Ciera, Wentworth, and Abi-Maria)

The Old Regulars: Joe, Tasha, Kimmi, Keith

That’s 6-4, in favor of Stephen and the Witches.  Hopefully, Joe will continue to win immunity because, right now, he seems to be everyone’s target.  However, I am confident that either Abi-Maria is going to go crazy or Ciera is going to do something stupid and  the power will again shift.

Two other big things happened this episode:

First off, since Wentworth used her immunity idol, another one was hidden out in the jungle.  And Jeremy found it!  Jeremy now has both immunity idols and, assuming he stays in the majority alliance, he should be able to hold onto them for a while.

Secondly, during the immunity challenge, Stephen won an advantage.  At a future tribal council, he will not only get to cast two votes but he will be able to cancel out another person’s vote as well.

And that’s it for now!

Lisa Marie